Global Customer Service

Move Forward in Technology, Quality & Productivity

VON ARDENNE equipment is used in over 50 countries. We have established an installed base of hundreds of coating systems worldwide, ranging from small tools to equipment for large-area coating applications for several markets.

Our customers succeed in their markets with first-class products, also because they benefit from the superior coating technologies embedded into VON ARDENNE equipment. As long as they remain successful, they are facing the permanent challenge of staying in a leading position. That is why we are committed to support our customers day after day.

Our Mission

VON ARDENNE has installed more than 500 advanced coating systems worldwide.

Our Global Customer Service team is committed to

  • Supporting our customers during the whole life cycle of the equipment
  • Striving to fully understand customer requirements
  • Creating customer benefits in the fields of technology, quality and productivity
  • Providing the necessary capacities and skills in the region of our customers

Our Portfolio

VON ARDENNE Global Customer Service provides:

  • Technical support
    -  Support via phone and remote control
    -  Onsite support during ramp-up time, production and maintenance
    -  Onsite or offsite support for troubleshooting
  • Maintenance service (preventive and corrective maintenance)
  • Technology support
  • Technical audit of the equipment
  • Spare and wear parts supply
  • Technical training
  • Upgrades & retrofits
  • Relocation of the equipment