What we offer

VON ARDENNE is a modern, family-owned company.

We stand for advanced technology, sustainable growth and are determined to face the social and ecological challenges of our time.

Taking responsibility for how natural resources are used is one of our most important motivations. Therefore, we are always searching for solutions that will help us manufacture our products more sustainably - both ecologically and economically.

Creating cutting-edge technology require the best working conditions!

Therefore, you can expect an exciting and diverse working environment at VON ARDENNE, which is based on team spirit and mutual trust.

We are a family-friendly company and will help you achieve a genuine work-life balance.

We support the development of our employees' expertise and personality and provide them with internal qualifications for new tasks.

From Dresden into the World

More than 60 years ago, Manfred von Ardenne deliberately chose Dresden as the location for his research institute.

It was not just the beautiful location at the Elbe river valley that convinced him, but the fact that Dresden and the region offered a dense network of universities, research institutions and industrial companies. These were ideal conditions for recruiting skilled personnel and for establishing cooperation.

These factors are still significant for VON ARDENNE: a local company with a long traditon and global success.

On the following pages, we will show you what we can offer you.

Fields of Activity

As a high-tech engineering company, VON ARDENNE relies on highly qualified employees in all fields of work. We are looking for target-oriented and quality-conscious specialists in all the fields of work in a modern industrial company. We will give you an overview of the range of tasks at our company.

Fields of activity at VON ARDENNE:

  • Global Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Communications
  • Production & Supply Chain 
  • Integrated Business Services
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting, Finance & Controlling
  • Technology & Application Center
  • Intellectual Property
  • Product Development & Project Management
  • Strategic Business Development
For our current job openings and information, please go to our career portal.


We value our employees.
Therefore, apart from exciting tasks, VON ARDENNE offers a bundle of benefits in order to be a responsible and attractive employer.

We support the compatibility of family and work in many different ways, for instance by offering flexible working hours and by supporting our employees financially if they want to send their children to kindergartens.  

We also offer our employees attractive company pension schemes as an additional financial security they can benefit from on top of government pension plans.

Of course, we provide a modern and ergonomic working environment for all our employees, as well as further preventive health care and health promotion measures. There are special events on a regular basis with nutrition counseling, health checks and tips and tricks for a healthy and active life. 

With our employer-subsidized commuter ticket called „job ticket“, we offer our employees an attractive benefit so that they can use public transport for their daily trip to work. Depending on where they live, our employees can choose from various fare zones in and around Dresden.

Our comfortable cafeteria offers a great variety of healthy and savory breakfast and lunch options.

The company culture at VON ARDENNE is based on flat hierarchies and openness. We promote a culture of cooperation in our company by organizing several events for employees and their children as well as for jubilarians and retired former employees. A very popular event is the yearly company run through Dresden, for which we sponsor all running enthusiasts among our staff.

Training & Young Professionals

Evolve with us

The personal development of our employees is at the heart of our concern. We encourage and support their further education, both in professional and personal skills, and offer internal trainings qualifying them for new assignments.

Always up to date

The ability of our employees to innovate is a determining factor for our success. Therefore, we makes sure that their professional and personal skills are always up to date by providing them with targeted training programs.

Taking responsibility

We encourage our committed employees very early to take more responsibility, to broaden their skills and to grow into a new role. Thanks to the broad range of duties in our company, there are many opportunities. 

Sustainable vocational training

We take care of our junior employees and train them ourselves. After their graduation, we seek to hire them as full-time employees. Then they will be able to take part in international projects.